Snorting Glitter to get Cracking

Snorting Glitter to get cracking..

Well I’m not actually snorting the stuff cos that would look odd if i sneezed, but gosh i really need something buzzy to motivate the beginner to blogging queen within.

Im sitting here checking out; How to Blog! How to guest blog! Using the RSS prompt??Why its important to increase your blog traffic! (blog traffic?, sounds daunting). And im shitting myself at the overwhelming tsunami coming my way.

Geeze i was hoping to maybe get some really cool art therapy cards and a book or two into the universe, and what does the universe do? It goes and sends a tidal wave at me (ps I cant swim either, so I’m madly treading water today).

Im an artist that loves using artsy stuff to help people sort through the mind chatter that blocks growth. Sure I’m a Psychologist too, but my passion lies in the Art Therapy side of life. I signed up to get those treasures into the world a while back, destiny, purpose and healing are in my DNA.

But first i must read the rule book of this life (this rebel at heart is fighting that part), crap i don’t even read the instructions for Ikea furniture, i look at the pictures on the box, ****doesn’t everybody?.

So my very logical Aquarius husband sees my dilemma and states in a matter-of-fact and grown up voice, “just hire someone to do the technical stuff, thats what id do”.

Please! really! Thats like waving a red flag at my nose, this Capricorn Goddess will plod slowly up that mountain, and she will bloody well get there without some IT dude helping her.

With my head up, four feet on the uneven ground and my horns sharpened for the journey, i set out through the rough rocky terrain like a mountain goat on a mission..

Ok so today will be a rip snorting, glitter sucking, finger painting, colour by numbers process, wish me luck.

Oh PS if your reading this, i must have figured out how to blog ahahahaha.

And this is my promise to you “if i learn how to do this stuff, I will take the bull by the horns! And I will write a damn e-book, with step by step instructions” for the like minded, strong goddess women also intent on learning this stuff herself xxx



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