Serendipity, Dragonflies and Energy Balls

Serendipity: Dragonflies and Energy Balls

So as I type this blog I’m giddy, excited, anxious, and energised, all at the same time.

For weeks I have tried to build my website, manoeuvre the difference between hosting, buying a domain name, repointing a domain name i accidentally brought from the wrong place, understanding what the hell DNS and NS means, correlating a lifetime of art images stored in three different computer hard drives (arghhhh), oh and forgetting to arrange a tax business number (done now thank goodness).

Im an Art Therapist /Psychologist/Light Worker, so the small stuff of launching a business can kinda slip between the cracks, if its not closely monitored… Oooppps

Anyway I found my dream IT Angel, a magic maker, a guru of graphic design, she just sent me this logo and i LOVE it passionately, truly, deeply. Its weird how things come into alignment at the right time.

Moonwalk backwards two weeks, to a panicked email sent to a fellow Goddess while i was on a wee weekend holiday (Type A personality, and a Capricorn so i work when im not suppose to). My poor patient sweetheart of a hubby had to sit by, and watch a mad woman flip out. That email set a series of events into motion. Wild Sister guru Jen Saunders answered my shriek, with a few words of comfort.

Dear Deb she wrote, please find a link to a lovely goddess friend of Wild Sister (her website), shes amazing, she has a spiritual approach to her work, and she may be appropriate for what your looking for.

OH My Gosh was she ever appropriate, enter Bliss Inventive and the guru Nikki Hassett.
She started with “tell me about you, your dreams, ideas and website hopes”. This then evolved into favourite colours, images, and niche audience.

After only one mock up idea I had my dreams in an email attachment, (i asked for a small dragonfly addition) and here it is. How does one person talk to you for 30 minutes, and then visualise your dream business logo? Magic thats how! Pure glittery magic!!

So whats the logo about I hear you ask…Well since you asked! Hehe
The circle is a ball of energy, the essential source of energy for light work and healing.

The dragonfly totem symbolises change, transformation, getting beyond illusions, and showing us the path. The dragonfly is a messenger of energy, vibration and shifting colours. The colours are my favourite purple, green, blue and silver.

PS: did i tell you i dreamt of using a dragonfly and a ball of energy a few days before I spoke to Nikki, so when I researched the meaning I was amazed at the link. I think they call it “Serendipity” , meaning to make desirable discoveries by accident. What a perfect summary!!




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