Rocking in the Corner and Dribbling kinda day

This week has been a roller coaster mad-ass, rocking in the corner dribbling kinda week. I have experienced so many emotions and dramas to last the whole year.

There has been property issues, real estate dramas on all levels, a love of my mortgage broker, closely followed by hate for the broker, and their mate the bank.

This was reflected in behaviours of avoidance, denial, anxiety, acceptance, and finally letting it all go. Yep not my usual bag of emotions but i guess the universe wants to teach me something? I hope its finished cos i have learnt that insanity can be a bugger of a thing to hide!

Anyway as one could imagine i was happy to finally get together with a tribe of my soulful creative art therapy sisters, and they didn’t disappoint. Never underestimate the power of sisterhood, creative activities, coffee, lots of laughter.

The sharing and mutual acknowledgement that the world can be a wanker of a place, can be buffered by really good friendships.

We decided that some art therapy was the best medicine for the wounded soul this week. Embracing glitter, coloured pens and plenty of magazine images we created a 2014 vision for the future.

It was so great to hear everyones perceptions, dreams and desires. And you know what, we aren’t all that different from each other, we all have roadblocks, frustrations, hopes and wishes for 2014.

The issues consuming my life (uncertainty around a future property venture) didn’t really compare to their issues.

After today i realised I am truly blessed, and that seeing the “glass half empty, rather than half full” seems counterproductive and bloody stress inducing. My beautiful, strong group of soulful friends each face issues far bigger than I, with strength, determination and passion.

Its funny how we each arrived today feeling drained and low, only to be replenished by each others stories. We shared in our sheer determination to rise above the shit storm, and fight like the Goddess Warriors we are.

So to you all, i salute you with a few fist pumps into the air to imagined 70’s music (maybe ABBA or the Bee Gees), in acknowledgement that i still have my sanity intact, and the straight jacket can be placed back in the wardrobe for another time…Peace Out Goddess Warriors.



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