Im your number one stalker Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo, My Muse Art Therapist

Im reading other blogs, mulling over my artsy life to date and it dawns on me that i haven’t really explained how art come into my life in the biggest way.

I wonder if this thought came rushing to me because i was looking at old holiday photos yesterday, of a trip we took to Mexico last year.

Or if its because I’m trying to organise this really cool “Day of the Dead” exhibition with my art therapy soul sisters.

This probably sounds really silly but i had never heard of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, until about three years ago.

There i was sitting in an art therapy tute at uni, and the lecturer shows a powerpoint presentation of Frida’s kickass work, she asks if anyone know who the work is by.

Well lucky for me, a few well schooled artist mates call out Frida Kahlo (shit really, i was gonna say, yer thats the art from the Rocky Horror Picture show, my all time favourite movie).

Seriously, i kid you not!, her images were always a favourite of mine but i never who the artist was.

And the Rocky Horror Picture Show really did show an opening scene that reflected a Frida type image.

This planted a seed of enquiry, self discovery and a passion for all things Frida. Oddly enough a work colleague handed me a DVD of Frida Kahlo’s life story that same week.

Hence my stalking began, little did i know that in little under two years later i would be standing in her art room at Casa Azul in Mexico City(spanish for Blue House, amigos).

I took photos and absorbed the essence of a true artist (check out my cover shots of my deck of cards, i took those photos of the place Frida sat and worked from).

Now thats a real badass, dedicated, mad stalker if ever i saw one, and yep its all me..





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