Cheaters never Prosper, cos the Universe Sees All

Cheaters Never Prosper

It was the day before the annual Australia Day holiday, it was raining cats n dogs, the washing wouldn’t dry though its about 28c outside ( grrr humbug) bloody humidity in Queensland sucks!

I was looking at other exciting and motivating blogs, checking out their funny experiences of shopping in snow in the USA, and watching news clips showing a city blanketed in the soft, white stuff.

Id just returned from 10 days of summer heat, beaches, and major sunburn on my “chin” yep odd look i know. I should’ve been well rested and well tanned (wouldve settle for a slightly even sun kissed look on the face but what can you do!) but here I was stressed out about returning to the real world of work, bills and demands on my time, low energy and high insanity levels.

I had opened my 2014 Create Your Amazing Year Workbook, I had set the universe straight on my goals, and I had mapped out my financial,work, personal and spiritual goals, yet was still feeling out of sorts, why was that?

Ive been taking two steps forward and five backwards for weeks now, through no obvious fault i could see. In desperation I decided to ask my Astrology knowledgeable Mother to check if any planets were in retrograde?? cos my world was pulling me back so I guessed its was a Cosmo thing! right! “NO nothing major on the horizon” she texted me back. Oh great I thought, I couldnt even blame the universe for my rut!

Then it dawned on me that my half ass attempt at my workbook may have not gone unnoticed by the universe, it used to fly pretty well with my university lecturers and high school teachers marking my essays and homework.

So today i have decide to embrace the rainy weather keeping me prisoner, by going into my neglected study, to first dust it, then find a space to sit quietly, and to then make a really visual vibrant energised dream-board full of “my souls energy” . How can i expect greatness if i attempt a half-ass life plan for my future.

Lesson One: Get motivated and stop doing only surface work, dig deep for real change!



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