Beware, theres sand on my iPad and in my toes!!

Laptop Lifestyle

Here I am blogging down the coast, how odd im sure thats one of my goals for 2014. Anyway i sitting here enjoying the sounds, smells and warmth of the Autumn sun, wondering how i will ever return to an office space to work.

This got me to thinking about the field of counselling and in particular, Art Therapy. I have this crazy plan to one day use the great outdoors as my open- air art space. To use the beach as a giant sand-tray, the forest as a source of sculptures, and the open fields as a place to meditate and cloud watch.

Even as im watching grown men build sandcastles like their 5yrs old again, burying their kids in buckets of sand and water, it dawns on me that we are naturally wired to do what makes our hearts sing, when we get outdoors.

Each week many people flock to therapists to seek solace, to feel grounded and to find a source of healing. The office they attend usually has a few comfortable chairs facing each other, a table with a box of tissues, a window if your lucky, and a clock to count down the minutes.

Yet every year thousands of us flock to the beach, the snow, or the mountains to go on holidays. We spend a few weeks relaxing, playing, making sand castles, and generally healing and recouping from the crazy hazy stress of work.

We return from holidays well rested, refocused, tanned if were lucky, and above all re-energised, and ready to take on the world.

Have you every thought that the time out in nature is as good as a counselling session? Ill let you in on a little secret, most of us counsellors know that getting away from work is worth its weight in gold.

I dont want to generalise but those of us focused on self care, usually take off for our holidays to go outdoors, to a nice poolside resort, or a quiet camping spot, or skiing and enjoying open fires somewhere.

So one day if we ever connect for an Art Therapy session or two, don’t be surprised if I ask you to bring a hat, wear some sunblock or pull on some gumboots and grab your umbrella. Because that’ll be the day that my open-air Art therapy space will open.





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