Be quiet chatty brain, I’m trying to Meditate!

Mediate? Be quiet chatty brain!

Hola beautiful world, so im sitting here on my back balcony listening to the birds and trying my best meditate.

But all I can think about is the upcoming year and daydreams of travel to faraway places, the budget to get to faraway places, and ways to sneak in a wee weekend trip to the coast, a not so faraway place.

Shhh I mutter to my chattering brain, I’m trying to meditate, its good for my soul to be still and present, in the here and now!!

I really need to close my eyes and be still, but all i can here is really obscene birds, an air conditioner buzzing, an aeroplane (probably flying to the Caribbean or somewhere nice like that…”sigh, i want to go on holidays too”) ssshhhhhh chatty catty mind.

Did you know that some birds sound like laughing hyenas when they chirp, oh and their interrupting my zen place too…shhhh.

Ok so as you guessed it, im a meditator with a busy, active and very chatty mind.

If meditation with legs crossed, chanting and nothingness ain’t your think don’t despair. I decided to try doodling and drawing, and guess what happened?

Time passed in a flash, the dishes stayed in the sink, the washing is still on the clothes line, but i feel damn great.

I have my place of zen and it feels really great, its about finding what works for you and running with it.

It could be people watching at a great coffee shop, fishing off a dock for hours on end, or laying outside on a hammock listening to music and doodling.

So find your zen place baby and meditate away to your hearts content, in whatever way you feel works for you.




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