Marketing Eye Candy

Marketing Eye Candy

Have you ever tried to find information about a subject eg: e-commerce planning for a successful business, and found so much information that your head feels like it could burst techno-coloured paint balls all over a clean white wall… Yep welcome to my world baby!!***

Im a Psychologist by trade, i also LOvE Art Therapy so I got a Masters degree in the stuff.. There lies my talent, skills and passion.

Introduce business marketing and “bam” bloody big ole red brick wall bursts from the ground and hits me square in the face!.

Ok so i decide i need a computer-world guru, like Ghandi but with twitter and WordPress knowledge ( no offence intended to Ghandi, he probably knew where that red brick wall was anyway).

Feeling slightly bruised, confused and dizzy i decide to seek out my own guru too. My husbands famous last words the week before still ringing in my slightly dusty ears (” hire a techno guy!”).

Firstly before i sigh in defeat, i would like to give you all a list of what i found out in cyber world. I have developed a list of themes and suggested sites to visit. I have no affiliation with these companies, i did try some of their free templates out, and i might even pay some cash towards my end goal of creating a website today to one of them, feel free to check them out for yourself.

Anyway here goes nothing, today i will launch five emails into cyber world to see how they can help me, i will attempt to visualise my ideas in the form of beautiful EYE CANDY marketing tools (for the IT dude or dudette), and i will create a wonderful website that reflects my passions, desires and light-work ideas.

Wish me sweet sugary luck sweet peas..xxxx


Printing China litho,,, lulu,
Blog sites WordPress, wix,
Websites Wix, weebly, mailchimp, Hostpapa, Go Daddy, Bliss Inventive
Stationery. Vista-print,, E-zine (electronic magazine)
E-books Create space,,, Bliss Inventive



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