Whats this Art Therapy all about?

What is Art Therapy
October 2013

I though it might be a good idea to explain a little about Art Therapy today, and how it all works behind the scenes.

Art Therapy is a type of counselling activity that uses art making materials to explore patterns of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Creating from art materials allows non-verbal communication to be shown. The therapist and the client generally discuss the art, and how it might reflect or relate to events in the persons life.

Art therapy is a creative process, suitable for all ages, and particularly for those who may be experiencing life changes, trauma, illness or discourse, causing distress for the individual and/or their family.

Art Therapy can also be used for methods of positive psychology such as goal setting, dream boards, visual affirmations and gratitude journals.

So really in a “nutshell”, Art Therapy can strengthen many areas of the individuals life.

Art Therapy uses two main approaches “directive (structured activities)” and/or “non-directive (free or unstructured activities)”.

You are not expected to make the type of art you see hanging in an art gallery.

Art therapy is more about expressing yourself and exploring the themes that may show up in your artworks. The creator of the art is the only person who analyses and explores their image.

As an Art Therapist I am not here to judge or make meaning of your work, i am here to facilitate conversations, add different perspectives to think about, and to support you to explore any subconscious thoughts that may pop up.





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