Art Therapy First Aid Kit

November 2013

So here I was wandering around Target today checking out art supplies, cushions, lamps and outdoor furniture, random right. Obviously forgot my “to do list”, so i wandered off aimlessly.

Then i got to thinking that it might be a good idea to gather together a list of Art Therapy supplies one might need, to begin their journey into art making.

You may have a lot of these things already, but given I was at the shops, I thought I should include everything, to provide a visual of the resources I find helpful as an Art Therapist.

I love the idea of a transportable kit of supplies, when I doing outreach mobile art therapy work I often took a Art Therapy First Aid kit with me to schools. So here goes, a small sample of things i found in Target today.

Check out your local stores for sales, cheap $2 shops and bargain stores, nothing fancy is necessary. If I want specific brands or high quality pastels and special paints , I usually visit an art supplier, otherwise cheap is fine.

The container I found in the kitchen area of Target, came as a collection of four for $15.00. Anything with a lid is ideal for on the road travel, art making while camping, or on holidays, and sealed storage to keep the kids out of your supplies etc.

The next thing to consider is a visual journal, about A4 or bigger is useful, watercolour paper absorbs water-paints and glue better than a thin paper.

Next check out PVA glue, Clags paste or glue sticks to use with collage. I added scissors as a visual reminder to add to your kit.

The drawing supplies I included were pastels oil and/or chalk ones, coloured pens, and nice smooth roller ball waterproof black pen, for writing and jotting onto your artwork.

The paints are both watercolours, and a few tubes of cheap acrylic poster paint ($2 each). Its a good idea to check the primary colours and then use a colour chart to mix more colours to suit. Sometimes I might buy a specific pre-made colour eg:violet, crimson. I also added brushes as a visual reminder to pack them into the kit.

And lastly, i added glittery assorted embellishments to add extra shine and dimension, and cheap 50 cent play-dough for sculptures, from the toys department

Total cost around $50, but I estimate it costs under half that, with your own supplies from home, oh and the kids pencil cases.





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